New content to support neonatal chest radiography

Published: 12 December 2018 Ezine

The Image Interpretation programme has developed a new session on neonatal radiography techniques focusing on optimising chest imaging outcomes.

The session covers neonatal anatomy and development, the importance of good preparation, radiographic technique and positioning, exposure factors, radiation protection and optimal imaging outcomes.

The session was written by Dr Penny Delf, senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy and treasurer for the Association of Paediatric Radiographers. Dr Delf used many of her own diagrams and illustrations throughout the session to explain correct radiographic technique and positioning.

Andrea Brammer, clinical effectiveness lead at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and chair of the Association of Paediatric Radiographers, edited the session. 

“It has been a pleasure to prepare this session for such a major educational platform. A key focus for the Association of Paediatric Radiographers is to disseminate good practice to help fellow radiographers develop a considered approach and optimise imaging outcomes, where accuracy and consistency are crucial in the management and care for the youngest of our patients.

"We would like to thank clinical colleagues at both Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, in providing additional supporting information and photographs, which have helped strengthen the session.”

Go to the session.

For more information contact clinical lead Dorothy Keane.