New e-learning resource from the Miscarriage Association

Published: 22 August 2019 Ezine

The Miscarriage Association have developed a new e-learning programme to support medical professionals in ‘providing the best care they can to women experiencing pregnancy loss.’

There are five units in the programme, which focus on different aspects of care, such as having difficult conversations, considering language, and taking care of your own wellbeing while providing care.

National director of the Miscarriage Association, Ruth Bender Atick, said, “Pregnancy loss can be a deeply distressing experience and the support health professionals give can make all the difference to helping women through this difficult time.

“We know it isn’t always easy for those working in clinical environments to find the time to reflect on the care they provide, which is why we wanted to create a resource that they can dip in and out of and access easily anytime.”

Take a look at the free resource.