New free e-Learning for Healthcare resources

Published: 24 May 2016 Ezine

New imaging interpretation sessions have been added to e-Learning for Health - eLfH - the free web-based learning resources for radiographers, students, educators and the multiprofessional workforce.

Twenty-one new sessions have been completed and published including several MRI, three cardiac, two neurointervention, dental and some general sessions.

Fifty adult skeleton sessions have been reviewed and updated, including the replacement of the majority of images which were CR to DR. More than a hundred sessions are now tablet compatible.

Radiotherap-e aims to provide the knowledge base and practical skills training to support the implementation of advanced radiotherapy techniques in the UK. Modules include intensity modulated radiotherapy, image guided radiotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, prostate brachytherapy, and image guided brachytherapy for cervix cancers.

Details and access to all modules are at