New guidance on managing colorectal and anal cancer

Published: 17 October 2016 Ezine

Macmillan has published new guidance for those who help manage the consequences of colorectal and anal cancer.

According to the cancer charity, nearly 43,000 a year people are diagnosed with a colorectal or anal cancer in the UK. With treatment, 60% will survive for more than five years. The majority will not develop any long-term effects, but many will develop acute consequences of treatment.

The new guidance titled ‘Managing the long-term consequences of colorectal and anal cancer: Guidance for healthcare professionals’ is a valuable resource for any healthcare professional involved in the treatment of this group of patients. 

Radiographers and other healthcare professionals can use the advice to support people to self manage whilst living with and beyond a colorectal or anal cancer. The document also provides key advice for clinical management.

Sarah James, professional officer at the SoR, comments: “We are very pleased to see this important guidance available for healthcare professionals. Therapeutic radiographers in particular will find this resource invaluable in aiding them to support their patients. This is just part of an excellent resource of guidance and information developed by Macmillan.”

Download the guidance.