New guide on safe use of PGDs in contrast media

Published: 12 January 2017 Ezine

A new guide published by the Specialist Pharmacy Service and the Society and College of Radiographers provides key advice on the development and use of patient group directions (PGDs) in radiology services.

The guide is intended to inform and support decision making when considering whether a PGD is a safe and appropriate mechanism in radiology services, particularly where contrast media is being used.

The guidance states: “Whilst PGDs for administration of contrast media are currently being used in radiology services to bridge a gap created by service model change, they should only be used as an interim solution and as part of an agreed plan towards individualised patient medicines optimisation.

“Current local systems and processes should be reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team during this interim period to identify an opportunity in the patient pathway for these medicines to be prescribed with utilisation of medical or radiologist or independent non-medical prescribing.

“In addition, PGDs used for the supply and/or administration of other medicines in radiology should be carefully considered in line with PGDs NICE Medicines Practice Guideline 2 2013 to ensure that patients receive all of their medicines in the most appropriate, safe and timely, manner.”

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