New HEE newsletter tackles issues around student retention

Published: 26 June 2017 Ezine

The second edition of the recently launched HEE Reducing Pre-registration Attrition and Improving Retention (RePAIR) newsletter has been published.

The newsletter provides updates on the case study sites where interventions into improving student retention are being trialled, along with other content.

This edition also features the findings of a survey of 3,477 healthcare students, which found:

  • 97% strongly agree/agree that they intend to pursue a career in their degree field within the next three years. 
  • 93% strongly agree/agree that their academic learning has been a positive experience. 
  • 96% strongly agree/agree that they had made the right decision to enrol on the course. 
  • 74% strongly agree/agree that they fear about going into debt and 87% that paying for travel to placements is a struggle. 
  • 40% have considered leaving their course. 

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