New state-of-the-art imaging academy to open in Wales

Published: 25 July 2017 Ezine

A new state-of-the-art imaging academy will open in Bridgend, Wales, in 2018.

The new academy is being supported with £3.4million in funding from the Welsh Government, and will provide a ‘modern, innovative, specialist training environment, in partnership with hospital sites throughout South Wales.’

The initial scope of the academy will focus on radiologist training, but it is intended that this will extend to include radiographers, sonographers and other imaging professionals.

Training will be delivered via purpose-designed workstation suites, simulation training and a lecture theatre, with consultant radiologists from across South Wales providing seminars and supervision.

Vaughan Gething, health secretary for Wales, said: “The new academy will play an important role in allowing us to increase in the number of trained radiologists in the Welsh NHS to ensure a sustainable, high quality workforce for the future.”

Dr Phillip Wardle, consultant radiologist at Cwm Taf UHB and clinical lead for the National Imaging Academy for Wales, commented: “The academy will enable a significant increase in the capacity of radiology training, emulating successful academy models in other parts of the UK.

“We are hugely excited to move to an academy model of training that will help address the imaging workforce situation and achieve NHS Wales’ service aims and ambitions for diagnostics and improved outcomes for patients.”