New study to explore radiographers’ health and wellbeing

Published: 25 July 2017 Ezine

Although many epidemiological studies have been conducted to investigate the factors that could both negatively and positively affect health and wellbeing in the healthcare industry, hardly any of these studies have been focused on radiographers and assistant practitioners specifically.

The University of Bristol, in collaboration with the Society and College of Radiographers, King’s College London, The University of Sheffield and The University of Manchester aim to establish a cohort of UK radiographers and assistant practitioners (including therapeutic radiographers, sonographers and other specialist groups) to investigate whether certain working conditions and occupational exposures may affect health and wellbeing.

We are very keen to involve practicing and retired radiographers from the start, and as such we would like more information on whether you would be willing to participate in the study, and what health outcomes you think are most important.

By completing our short online questionnaire, you will allow us to make important decisions about the study design.

There are 9 questions, and it should take less than 5 minutes to complete the survey.

Take the survey.

Your responses will be completely anonymous, will not be used for anything else than informing the study, and you are not in any way committing to taking part in any future study. We will not contact you again because of any answers you give.

For any enquiries about this survey or the study, please contact Dr. Frank de Vocht.