New TUC guidance tackles trans rights in the workplace

Published: 13 April 2017 Ezine

A new document aimed at supporting transgender workers published by the TUC titled ‘Transforming the Workplace’, has been endorsed by the SCoR’s equalities group, Equalise.

Peter Higgs, Equalities Officer at the Society, said: “Imagine feeling that your whole body belongs to someone else, that your true persona is trapped inside the wrong form. Then you will be some way towards understanding the need to transition that some individuals experience.

“When the SCoR UK council approved the Equalise Trans Equality; guidance for the radiography workforce document it was felt that specific guidance to advise workplace representatives on how best to support members undertaking this difficult process would be helpful.

“Equalise is therefore pleased to endorse a recent TUC publication that aims to do exactly that. Transforming the Workplace provides up to date and concise information aimed at answering some of the questions and concerns that arise in the workplace.

“It helps not only representatives but all of us to support colleges as they seek to transform into their true selves.”

Download the document