'No' to independent prescribing for diagnostic radiographers

Published: 05 January 2018 Ezine

The Commission for Human Medicines has decided it cannot support recommendations that diagnostic radiographers can be independent prescribers.

Richard Evans, the Society's chief executive officer, said, "This conclusion is disappointing because we believe we made a very strong case. We shall continue to campaign for change in the future."

Richard's sentiments were echoed by Charlotte Beardmore, the director of professional policy, who said, "We will continue to work with relevant groups to make the case for diagnostic radiographers to be eligible to train to be independent prescribers if their role requires this."

The SCoR is continuing to have dialogue with NHS England and other key stakeholders to discuss the next steps.

The Society has welcomed the Commission's support for paramedics to be allowed to prescribe independently.

In March 2016 it was announced that advanced practice therapeutic radiographers were able to train to undertake independent prescribing if there is a service demand.