Nominate your Student of the Year

Published: 31 May 2017 Ezine

SCoR members area invited to nominate the students they would like to be recognised at the profession’s most prestigious awards ceremony.

The aim is to honour two undergraduate students – one diagnostic and one therapeutic – who have excelled academically and clinically, and have made an outstanding contribution to student life and/or the university.

The winners will be invited to the Radiography Awards in November and will receive £250 and a certificate to commemorate the award.

Nominees and nominators must be SoR members. Please ensure that you have the agreement of the student you are nominating and that he/she would be prepared to attend the presentation ceremony on 8 November in Central London. Your nomination will also require the support of a clinical colleague.

Nominations must also be made before 5 July. 

Click here to make a nomination.