October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

Published: 18 September 2018 Ezine

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month or MUAM is coming to the UK in October and the Society would welcome ideas from sonographers about what information we should share on social media to help raise awareness of sonography and its key role in diagnostic imaging and screening.

"For some years MUAM has been celebrated in North America as a way to raise the profile of medical sonography with both the public and other healthcare practitioners," said Nigel Thomson, the SCoR's professional officer for ultrasound.

"One of our Ultrasound Advisory Group members brought this to our attention and suggested we hold a similar event. We see it as an opportunity to do the same for the profession in the UK and we are planning to share various resources and information about medical ultrasound and sonographers during October," Nigel continued.

"With the experience gained we can then develop a more extensive programme for next year.

"Do let us know if there are any stories, information, awards, and general news that you would like us to consider, or anything else that you think we should be promoting on social media."

Please send them to [email protected]