Planned Pathways point to easy CPD

Published: 16 November 2015 Ezine

The SCoR has launched Planned Pathways – template CPD plans, which can be imported into members’ CPD Now portfolios. 
Each Plan contains a variety of tasks, such as discussing the article with colleagues or finding out more about an aspect mentioned by the author. All plans have at least one evaluation and reflection activity, which will prompt users to record their learning as a piece of CPD in CPD Now.
The new feature will enable members to make much more use of the CPD tasks suggested by authors in their articles and help members to meet the HCPC standards for CPD and College of Radiographers’ accreditation.
SCoR professional officer Louise Coleman says: “Sometimes it’s hard to think of how to start writing a reflection about an article you’ve read, especially if you’re short of time. The CPD questions in Imaging and Therapy Practice are a great way to get started, and Planned Pathways are an evolution of these questions. They’re more interactive and collaborative. 
“You can complete them with your colleagues and you don’t need to stick to the suggested tasks. Plus, you can easily edit the plan to suit your own needs. They are there to give CPD Now users a simple and structured way to complete CPD quickly and effectively.
“We hope that you will find Planned Pathways a beneficial and constructive CPD tool, and make it an essential component of your CPD. 
To find out more about using Planned Pathways, turn to the November edition of I&TP or the online version at (members must log to access).
Please send any feedback or queries to Louise Coleman.