Questions for general election candidates

Published: 12 May 2017 Ezine

The Society has updated the Manifesto document first issued prior to the general election in 2015.

A set of questions for members to ask candidates standing in the general election on 8 June have also been published.

'A Manifesto for Tomorrow's NHS' sets out the SCoR's expectations for the next government on a variety of issues including Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Imaging, Patient Safety, Patient Advocacy, Quality, Research, and Education.

The key points are available as a series of 'cards' that may be printed or shared online. 

"We encourage members to engage with candidates and pressure them for clear answers to the issues which are important to the profession and to patients," said Richard Evans, the Society's chief executive officer.

"This will also help raise the profile of radiographers and radiography. Members should use the 'Role of the Radiography Workforce' sheets to inform politicians about the key roles they perform and how important diagnostic and therapeutic practitioners are, as well as members who are involved in education and research", Richard continued.

"I would be interested to hear what responses members receive from candidates in their constituency. Please do let me know."