Radiographer further suspended following substantive review

Published: 13 April 2017 Ezine

Radiographer Christy A Henderson has been suspended for a further six months following a second review of a suspension order originally imposed in March 2015.

A panel of the HCPC Conduct and Competence Committee heard that Mrs Henderson was originally suspended for 12 months on the grounds of misconduct whilst working for the University Hospital of North Stafforshire NHS Trust.

The panel further heard that Mrs Henderson’s original failings included knowingly deleting 30 mammographic images she took contrary to the Inonising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations, and not making accurate records of the dosage/exposure received by patients by not completing the forms for each of the images she deleted.

The panel chair, Lubna Shuja, commented: “The panel concluded that a suspension order for a further period of six months would be the necessary and proportionate order. In coming to this conclusion the panel had regard to a number of considerations including the need for Mrs Henderson to demonstrate that she has fully addressed and learnt from her previous dishonesty and to satisfy the public interests of upholding proper standards, and maintaining confidence in the profession and the regulatory process.”

The panel ordered for the name of Christy A Henderson to be suspended from the HCPC Register for a further six months.

Mrs Henderson was present and represented herself at the hearing.

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