Recruitment and Retention Problems? - This is for you!

Published: 24 October 2017 Ezine

If you are experiencing recruitment and retention challenges and you need help to stem the tide, then this study day is for you.

Whether you are a manager running out of ideas to turn things around, or a radiographer feeling at the end of your tether with increasing workload pressures, we can help.

Healthcare delivery in general, and in clinical imaging and radiotherapy in particular, has changed over the past 10 years. But how have we changed the way we train people to deal with the emotional consequences of change? How many of us can say ‘’we’ve completely revolutionised our approach?

We know that improved patient outcomes result from happier healthcare practitioners. Surely, we all want that. Compassionate care is not just about how we care for our patients. How we feel about ourselves, how we care for each other and the impact this has on our interactions with our patients and other healthcare professionals, influences our working culture. It’s what makes the difference between looking forward to coming to work and dreading every day.

If you have experienced feelings of hopelessness about the lack of time you have to offer your patients, this study day will help you to re-focus and deliver safe, quality care more effectively. We will give you the tools to challenge poor culture within your organisation.

How can we evidence that we have learned from the Francis Report? ‘Unimaginable suffering’ is a phrase we never again want to associate with health and social care delivery in modern society. If we had a Francis type inspection in our organisation, what would staff say about the culture of care?

Do we have colleagues who may be suffering in silence trying to balance work challenges and personal difficulties? Have we embraced each other’s differences or do we even know how to?

Do our managers have the tools to understand and support staff through a myriad of crises? Are we underestimating the consequences of all of this on our retention and recruitment rates?

If any of this applies to you or your work environment but you are unsure how to start the conversation, this meeting with leaders and like-minded colleagues may be just for you.

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For more information contact Tracy O’Regan  or Lynda Johnson