Reporting radiographers needed for breast screening research

Published: 15 August 2017 Ezine

Reporting radiographers working in breast screening are being asked for help with a research project that will analyse arbitration and consensus practice in breast units in England.

The survey is part of a larger project funded by Coventry University, studying evidence that could inform recommendations to standardise arbitration or consensus processes.

Lisa Hackney, consultant radiographer, is conducting the research as part of her PhD work. She intends to map current practice and explore the views of sites which were early adopters of radiographer arbitration/lead of consensus.

“To date, a systematic scoping review has revealed little consolidated evidence on the effectiveness of arbitration versus consensus, or information about the strategies currently used in breast screening units in England,” says Lisa

The survey will also investigate the views of non-adopters and to what extent radiographers participating in the survey are able to meet the recommended requirements specified in the Public Health England NHS Breast Screening guidance.

“The support of reporting radiographers will be greatly appreciated to provide a comprehensive representation of current practice,” Lisa comments.

The survey, which will be completely anonymous, closes on 13 September and should take less than 20 minutes to complete. A complementary questionnaire will be distributed to directors of breast screening units via Public Health England.

For further information contact Lisa Hackney.