Research Top Tips: Getting your paper published

Published: 15 February 2019 Ezine

You’ve finished your research project but you're not sure what is the best way to share the results with everyone else. The Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR) can help.

The CAHPR’s Getting Your Paper Published leaflet provides a handy ‘Top 10 Tips’ to help you to get your paper written and published efficiently and successfully.

Suggestions include identifying the key message of the project, the audience you’re addressing and the journal you’d like to publish your research in.

Tip 6, for example, states, “Pay attention to structure, coherence, grammar, spelling and punctuation. They matter! Craft each paragraph using ‘topic sentences’ to signpost what is being discussed. Make sure that each new idea clearly follows from the previous one.”

The tips are short and concise for an easy read so you can learn quickly and get writing.

And in case you lose heart, Tip 10 stiffens the resolve: “Don’t give up. Good writing takes time and much of it is a solitary activity. Identify the support you need to be able to write - from your manager, your colleagues, your family and friends - and negotiate this. Keep going - the opportunity to share new ideas in a paper with your name on it makes it worth it!”

The Council for Allied Health Professions Research supports radiographers and other AHPs to take the first steps in research, as well as providing opportunities for learning, sharing, networking and collaborations.

The Society is one of 13 AHP organisations that are part of CAHPR and the Society’s professional and education manager, Dr Rachel Harris, is the current chair of the Council’s steering committee.

Regional hubs hold face-to-face and online events and provide support locally. There are also other downloadable ‘how to’ leaflets which include topics such as: Preparing a scientific poster; Becoming a peer reviewer; Patient public involvement; Seeking ethical approval; Social media top tips; and Statistics.

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