Salford’s cohort celebrates with traditional badge ceremony

Published: 16 July 2018 Ezine

The Directorate of Radiography, University of Salford, held its traditional badge ceremony to celebrate the achievements of final year students in June.

Gill Hodges, SCoR Vice President, was on hand to award the badges and prizes to the students. 

The graduates were congratulated on their many achievements during their time on the diagnostic radiography programme. The cohort were also thanked for their dedication to the course and in particular their significant extra-curricular engagements.  

Programme Leader, Dr Fred Murphy commented, “The students made some good friends at the start of the programme and the level of peer support was very apparent for the full three years. They supported and encouraged each other throughout the entire programme and some of those friendships will not doubt extend far into their future professional careers. The cohort worked extremely hard and that shows in the excellent results they achieved.

“The whole team wish them well and hope they will all realise their full potential in their professional careers.”