SCoR officer ‘WOWs’ students in new AHP careers video

Published: 04 July 2019 Ezine

The SCoR’s professional outreach officer for therapeutic radiography, Michelle Tyler, has appeared in a newly released video showcasing the work of AHPs, designed to provide students with an understanding of what it means to be an allied health professional.

During the 30 minute ‘WOW Show’, a fast-moving interactive magazine show available on Youtube, that aims to give young people fresh perspectives on the opportunities within healthcare, the presenter meets various AHPs in a hospital setting, including diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers who describe their work, what they do day-to-day and how vital that is for patients.

The video includes interviews with the radiographers in their busy departments and the audience is able to see the types of equipment they use such as CT and radiotherapy equipment, including proton beam therapy.

Michelle appears in a panel discussion with two other AHPs at the end of the show, answering a variety of questions from students at two schools, connected to the panel via a video link.

Asked what qualities are most important for an AHP, Michelle said: “You need to want to work with people and be conscientious, committed and resilient. However, radiography is huge fun and extremely rewarding, and there are lots of opportunities to learn and gain other skills which can take you along many other career paths.”

Michelle advised students to “Visit the I See the Difference website and the NHS healthcare careers website and find out what you want to do!”

Health Education England has partnered with The WOW Show to give students and school advisors the opportunity to ‘explore the pathways to rewarding and fulfilling careers’ working as allied health professionals (AHPs).

Careers leads have also been encouraged to register for Inspiring the Future, which gives schools the opportunity to invite an AHP Ambassador to visit and help students deepen their understanding of these career opportunities.