SCoR welcomes two new professional officers

Published: 05 January 2017 Ezine

Lynda Johnson and Tracy O'Regan have been appointed professional officers of the SCoR.

Lynda and Tracy will be stepping into the shoes of Christina Freeman who retired last November and will share and expand the portfolio of work, covering areas such as accreditation and education, prescribing, communications, IR(ME)R, patient safety, health improvement and government policy.

Speaking about her appointment, Tracy said: “One of the reasons I applied to become a professional officer of the SCoR was so I could directly apply my knowledge of health and social care to the profession.

“I strongly feel that there are many more things that we as radiographers could be doing to contribute to health policy and the wider healthcare agenda, so I’m really looking forward to shaping my new role and working at a more strategic level.”

Before joining the SCoR, Tracy was a clinical tutor for 15 years at Royal Oldham Hospital in Manchester and worked with students from Salford University. “I’ll miss the kindness and camaraderie of the team there but this new opportunity is really exciting.”

A reporting radiographer in emergency care, Tracy is currently working towards a doctorate in health and social care.

Working alongside Tracy will be Lynda Johnson. Lynda qualified as a diagnostic radiographer in 1990 and worked at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust before accepting her new role with the

Lynda has worked across numerous specialities and in 2004 she qualified in CT head reporting. She has been instrumental in developing the trust’s CT head reporting service, something Lynda says she is very proud of and now wants to promote on a wider scale.

Lynda was also the local accredited industrial relations rep, a role that she believes will help to inform her work.

“Becoming an accredited industrial relations rep was very rewarding. I’ve learned a lot about improving myself as a person and a practitioner as a result of this role. I got to meet many incredible people and being able to help them personally, or at least point them in the direction of someone who can, has been very satisfying.

“I’m looking forward to getting out into the big wide world and meeting more inspiring people in my new role. The profession of radiography has always been my passion.”

Welcoming Lynda and Tracy, Richard Evans, CEO, said: “It is great to welcome Lynda and Tracy to our team. Keeping up with demand for professional policy and advice is important work for us.

“We also like to ensure that our regional and professional officers work closely together. I am sure all members will benefit from additional capacity and expertise in the team.”

Charlotte Beardmore, the SCoR’s director of professional policy, commented: “We’re really pleased to have appointed Lynda and Tracy, both highly skilled diagnostic radiographers with heaps of experience and enthusiasm.

“There’s no shortage of work for them to engage with, including the early diagnostics agenda, apprenticeships, large radiation protection and education agendas and advanced practice roles.

“Lynda and Tracy are a brilliant addition to our effective officer team and we’re looking forward to hearing their ideas and them being key members of the team.”