Scottish students respond to RCR position statement

Published: 28 February 2017 Ezine

Radiography students from Queen Margaret University, Glasgow Caledonian University and Robert Gordon University have issued a comprehensive response to the RCR position statement on the radiology crisis in Scotland.

The letter is co-signed by 95 students and staff from the three universities and follows the response published by Richard Evans, Society of Radiographers CEO, last month.

The letter states: “We as Scottish final year students believe that in order to maintain effective and safe service provision we must work closely with our colleagues in radiology to develop this service by making best use of our skills and partaking in the development of radiographer reporting roles.

“Despite the current barriers, we will continue to strive towards radiographers attaining advanced practice roles, ensuring a safe and sustainable service to patients.”

Read the statement in full.

Richard Evans commented: “This response from student radiographers in Scotland is an inspiring example of a mature and well supported professional argument.

“Their passion for excellent sustainable patient services and vision for achieving these through teamwork with radiologists and other members of the workforce comes across strongly.

“It is very encouraging to see that the next generation of radiographers is so well informed and ready to speak up for their profession and for patients.”