Setting the standard

Published: 02 August 2017 Ezine

A radiographer at Mid Essex Hospital, is aiming to shape radiographic practise on a global scale, by helping the ISO and BSI develop an international standard.

Sam will help work on the creation of a world first standard to regulate the radiopacity of enteral feeding catheters.

Sam explains: “After submitting a literature review to ISO and recognising a gap in the literature, I recommended the new standard, particularly as some catheters do not show up on radiographs, despite the manufacturers claiming radiopacity.

“This can lead to an increase risk of serious incidents, risk of radiation dose/repeats and potential patient harm.”

 Tracy O’Regan, Professional Officer Clinical Imaging at the SoR, said: “Many radiographers (including me) will be reading and thinking ‘why didn’t I think of that?’  

“What a fabulous piece of work that Sam has carried out and importantly shared with colleagues. It will make all the difference to the treatment of a large number of patients. 

“Not only has Sam recognised a problem and done something to effect change but also, I hope, this will act as a catalyst to prompt assistant practitioners and radiographers to find evidence and improve services for their colleagues and patients.”

Lynda Johnson, Professional Officer for Clinical Imaging, added: “I used to work in an organisation that awarded “WOW” awards and this was my first reaction when I read what Sam has achieved. 

“When we re-register with the HCPC as radiographers, we align ourselves to the standards of continuing professional development, one of which is ensuring that our CPD has contributed to the quality of our practice and service delivery. 

“I think Sam has demonstrated the gold standard of what that means and how to go about it. 

“There are undoubtedly many more radiographers who are involved with patient service improvement and we want to encourage and promote the wider sharing of these achievements. 

“This is what makes us proud to be radiographers.”