Society and College publishes 2018-20 strategy

Published: 16 July 2018 Ezine

The latest three-year strategy has been created by the Society's UK Council and the College Board of Trustees.

Gareth Thomas, the 2017/18 president of the Society and College, introduces the strategy and puts it into context:

Every three years the SCoR takes stock of where it has been and, most importantly, where it should go.

‘Be Informed by the Voice of the Patient’ is a theme which is becoming increasingly central to everything that we do. The more we increase engagement with service users, the better we will be able to deliver truly compassionate care.

Another theme is to ‘Enhance Stakeholder Understanding of Radiotherapy and Imaging’. The radiography profession is, at times, under-appreciated and it is vital to our members that their professional body and trade union is seen to be both raising awareness of radiographers and the unique and essential role of radiography.

To ‘Represent and Promote Member Interests’ is, of course, crucial and is well represented in this Strategy.

These are just a few of the areas we shall be addressing over the next three years and like the other threads which run through our work, they promise exciting and interesting times ahead.

Most importantly, this Strategy will help us to meet and use to our advantage the challenges going forward.

Download a quick and easy guide to the Strategy here.