Society concludes professional indemnity deal for self-employed and independent practitioners

There has been some concern about the revision of the SoR Professional Indemnity Insurance

Published: 18 September 2017 Ezine

Author: Warren Town, Director of Industrial Strategy

We are aware that there has been some concern about the revision of the SoR Professional Indemnity Insurance that will no longer include members who are self-employed or operate as independent practitioners providing diagnostic health care services.

In recognition of this concern and recognising that the scope for the provision of additional cover is limited, the Society has explored a number of options and can now confirm that we have identified a broker and an underwriter who are willing to take on this business at competitive rates.

The benefit to members is that, rather than shopping around, they can seek cover from one broker who will work closely with the SoR to ensure that members obtain fair treatment and, in addition, allows us to monitor and advise the underwriter of any improvements or revisions that may reduce cost or limit the exposure to risk.

The broker, ‘Insync Insurance Solutions Ltd’, has provided us with a link to their website which the members can access for a quote.

The web link plus additional information is on the members’ PII page.

This link will allow members to access information, as well as an online application form, so that requirements for the insurance and any additional information can be provided to the insurer to assist them to provide a quotation.

Once the member has completed the form the broker will make contact with the SoR to check details of membership and any claims record.

We stress that this provision will be at cost to the member and is only required where the member cannot show that they have a contract of employment that includes vicarious liability from the employer.

Please contact Liz Robinson at if you have any queries.