Society responds to Daily Express story

Published: 04 July 2019 Ezine

An article published in the Daily Express about the 'risks' associated with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been criticised by Society members.

In response to concerns that patients who are having scans will be worried by the story's inaccurate content, the SCoR has posted a comment beneath the article on the Express website, as well as sending a letter to the editor.

The Society's response says: Hundreds of thousands of MRI scans are carried out in the UK each year and safety incidents are very rare. The diagnostic radiographers who care for patients and carry out the procedures have extensive knowledge and understanding of MRI safety. They ensure that MRI imaging is carried out in an environment that is safe for patients and the staff in the MRI suite.  

Dominic Deeson, the Society's publisher, said, "SoR members are also encouraged to point out the errors in the article to the Daily Express. If members do contact the paper, please ensure the tone and content of what you send is reasonable and polite. Angry and outraged is more likely to alienate the recipient, rather than persuade them to listen and understand our point of view."