SoR partners with NHS Blood and Transplant

Published: 07 June 2017 Ezine

The Society of Radiographers will be encouraging members to sign-up for blood and organ donation following an agreement signed with NHS Blood and Transplant.

The partnership follows on from the Society’s motion carried at last year’s TUC Annual Congress, which called on the General Council to work with NHS Blood and Transplant, the UK government and devolved administrations to highlight the issue of blood and organ donation.

At the Congress, Sue Webb, the Society’s President-Elect, stressed that the number of people donating organs and the frequency of transplants is decreasing at the same time as the demand for donations is rising.

She said in moving Motion 47, “More than 7000 people in the UK are waiting for someone to donate an organ and 1300 of those will die or will become too ill to receive it whilst they wait for a transplant.

“More than half a million people die in the UK each year, yet less than one per cent are organ donors.”

Paul Bromley, Regional Officer for London at the SoR said, “By partnering with NHS Blood and Transplant, we are affirming our commitment to raising awareness of the important issue of blood and organ donation.

“The partnership also demonstrates concrete and tangible action following the passing of our motion at TUC Congress.”