SoR Pay Campaign: Ask your MP to demand more funding for higher pay

Published: 09 October 2017 Ezine

The Society of Radiographers is asking members to write to their local MP to tell them why the Chancellor needs to make more money available for NHS pay.

It is good news that the cap on pay increases has been lifted and that a 'more flexible' approach to NHS pay will be considered. But what does this actually mean? 

SoR members have seen their purchasing power decrease by some 14% over the last few years and an inflation-only increase will not come close to closing that gap. 

Although the next pay increase is not due until April 2018, it is essential that pressure is put on MPs of all parties NOW so that funding for substantive increases can be included in the next budget.

Also, we don't want the government to take any pay increase from the existing NHS budget and so put even more financial pressure on patient services. A properly funded pay increase will require more money and not 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' tactics.

If you have already written to your MP urging them to speak out about the removal of the pay cap, can you please do so again, this time saying that NHS workers now need an increase which will make a real difference to their pay and begin to make up for the money they have lost over the years.

To make sure our views are heard, it’s imperative as many members write to their MP as possible.

  1. You can either write your own message (for example, members in Northern Ireland may want to include something about not receiving a pay increase for three years), or use the template text. If you are using the template, you can find your MP’s email address here:
  2. Download the template text via the download link at the foot of this page.
  3. If you want to customise the text to add your own message about pay and how it has affected you, enter your postcode in the box below, click go, fill out your details and paste in your message. Please don’t use the template letter for this option; it won’t go to your MP because the site blocks it. Messages that talk about your personal experience are more likely to be read and responded to by your MP and their team.

Thanks for your support!

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