SoR publishes UK workforce reports

Published: 27 November 2018 Ezine

The Society of Radiographers has published the findings of online surveys sent out to providers of radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging.

The surveys establish the size, structure, nature and vacancy rate of the workforce to inform planning.

Findings show the current vacancy rate for NHS and non-NHS therapeutic radiographers is 6.2% and 96% of the radiotherapy radiographic workforce are employed by the NHS.

Respondent comments in the diagnostic radiographic report showed recurring themes of recruitment issues and training funding issues. One respondent noted, “[The] biggest issue is the inability to recruit to qualified B5 posts outside of the university qualification cycles.

“Forward planning is extremely difficult as while I can fill posts with students due to qualify
within the coming nine months or so, unexpected turnover within the team often negates the expected benefits to be gained through recruitment.”

The UK radiotherapy radiographic workforce census breaks findings down to NHS and non-NHS findings.

Respondents were asked questions including vacancy figures, long-term vacancy figures, use of agency staff and reasons for radiographers leaving their posts.

The reports compare the data with similar surveys from 2010 to 2016.

Download the Diagnostic Radiography UK Workforce Report 2017 and the Census of the UK Radiotherapy Radiographic Workforce 2017.