SoR UK Council endorses TUC Brexit statement

Published: 12 December 2018 Ezine

The Society's UK Council has endorsed the TUC Brexit briefing circulated to affiliated unions recently.

This document addresses the situation should MPs reject the deal and calls for either a general election or a people's vote to avoid the UK crashing out of the European Union with no deal. Download the TUC briefing.

Paul Moloney, the SoR industrial relations manager commented, “UK Council have assessed the likely impact of a no deal exit from the EU against the objectives outlined in the statement endorsed by delegates at the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) in 2017.

"UK Council take the view that many of our campaign objectives outlined in the ADC statement, including guarantees over employment rights, NHS funding, and the rights for members working in Northern Ireland and the Republic, will not be met if there is a no deal Brexit.

"While recognising the government's proposal does address two of the campaign objectives regarding the rights of EU nationals in the UK, UK Council has reached the conclusion that it is important to add the Society of Radiographer's voice to the growing demand for either a general election or a people's vote to ensure the UK does not simply crash out of the EU if the government's deal is defeated in the House of Commons. We therefore endorse the TUC's position."

Read the UK Council statement endorsed at ADC 2017.