SoR will set-up a Political Fund

Published: 02 March 2016 Ezine

Members have voted to establish a Political Fund, which will allow the Society to continue to campaign on the issues which are important to members and patients.

The ballot was sparked by changes to legislation which meant that trades unions would be unable to campaign and speak out about issues during election campaigns unless they have a ‘pot of money’ separate from the organisation’s general funds. 

The result of the ballot is:

Voting papers distributed = 27,954

Number of papers returned = 6664

Total number of valid votes to be counted = 6661

Turnout = 23.8%

Number of votes cast for the resolution = 6193 (93%)

Number of votes cast against the resolution = 468 (7%)

Number of votes spoiled or invalid = 3

Sheila Hassan, the Society’s President, was delighted to hear the news that members have voted to keep a campaigning voice: “The Society has never been afraid to challenge political parties, nor has it been held back from speaking out on behalf of members and patients. 

“Without a positive vote, we would have lost the right to be heard.”

The ballot result was also whole-heartedly endorsed by Philip Plant, the Chair of the SCoR Public and Patient Liaison Group: “It is vital that radiographers, informed by the PPLG, can continue to be heard by politicians and the media. 

“Without this vote, the Society would have been gagged and that would not have been good for patients or the profession.”

This vote ensures that members across the UK can continue to fight for the NHS and the patient and not be hampered in doing so by legislative interference. 

Society members will now be invited to contribute to the Fund at the rate of 60p a quarter - £2.40 a year. 

The money will be used for campaigning activities only and contributions are voluntary. The amount collected would be in addition to the subscription to be a member of the SoR.