Support the CR-UK staffing campaign – email Jeremy Hunt today!

Published: 26 October 2017 Ezine

Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) has redoubled its campaign calling on radiographers and the public to email the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, urging him train and employ more diagnostic staff across England.

CR-UK wants as many people as possible to email Mr Hunt about the importance of early diagnosis and the role of the diagnostic workforce.

Radiographers and other NHS staff are spotting cancers every day, but due to staff shortages and increasing demand, the diagnostic workforce is under immense pressure. The government needs to train and employ more NHS staff in England to diagnose cancer earlier, says CR-UK.

Camilla Pallesen, CR-UK Policy Advisor commented: “We have undertaken research on the capacity and demand for diagnostic services including imaging, endoscopy and pathology. The research shows the NHS will need to train and employ more health professionals involved in delivering and interpreting cancer tests in order to provide world-class cancer outcomes. We are therefore asking government to:

  • Retain and train current staff;
  • Address shortages though increasing the limited pool of people available right now for diagnostic roles, through international recruitment and fast-track training schemes;
  • Future proof the NHS for increasing demand, based on clinical need.

Please join our campaign to ask Jeremy Hunt to deal with these workforce shortages so we can diagnose more people early!”

Charlotte Beardmore, Director of Professional Policy, says the SoR supports and is behind this CR-UK public facing campaign, and urges all members to email Jeremy Hunt using the template provided .

“We have been lobbying key stakeholders in the last few years for investment in the radiography workforce; highlighting the pressure imaging services are under; and that the growing demand cannot be met by the existing workforce, which is impacting upon patients' care and their timely diagnosis. We need urgent action.

"This campaign supports our messages - radiographers, assistant practitioners, support workforce, students and members of the public, please support this national UK wide campaign. It’s easy to do: click the link, personalise the letter if you wish and send it directly to the Secretary of State. Make sure your voice is heard!"