Ten top tips for getting ahead of the HCPC audit

Published: 16 November 2015 Ezine

Author: Louise Coleman, Professional Officer for Education and Accreditation, SCoR

HCPC registration renewal letters will soon be arriving through letter boxes. 751 radiographers will receive an extra letter indicating that they have been randomly selected to have their CPD audited.

Like most things, there’s the easy way to ensure you don’t spend your free time preparing your submission, and the hard way.


  • create a new CPD Now HCPC audit report
  • enter summary of recent work (or copy some of your CPD Now framework)
  • enter a personal statement (or copy some more of your CPD Now framework)
  • select the six pieces of full CPD you want to show the HCPC
  • press print and send or email to the HCPC


  • anything that’ll take you longer than 30 minutes to complete!

Whether you choose the easy or hard way, read our top ten tips for preparing your CPD for audit.

1. Sign up for one of the SCoR online CPD Now training sessions at www.sor.org.

2. Look up the SCoR and HCPC definitions of CPD – they’re very similar. Make sure your CPD meets the definitions.

• The definition is at the start of the document Continuing Professional Development: Professional and Regulatory Requirements document. 

• On the HCPC website, visit ‘Your registration’, go to Continuing professional development (CPD).

3. Logon to CPD Now and review your framework – is it up to date? Does it accurately describe your recent work practice?

4. Make some notes that discuss how your CPD:

• Contributes to the quality of your practice and the service you deliver.

• Benefits service users.

5. Create a new CPD Now ‘My HCPC’ report – CPD Now will create your CPD profile for you.  The profile is a list of all the CPD you’ve done in the last two years.

6. Make sure that you’ve no unexplained gaps in the profile.

7. Read through your recorded CPD. Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

8. Ensure each of your CPD evaluations clearly demonstrate how they have helped contribute to the quality of your practice, the service you deliver and have benefited the service user – fill in the HCPC box at the end of each CPD activity you’ve recorded.

9. Discuss CPD with your Union Learning Representative, colleagues and students.

10. Plan to record high quality, reflective CPD evaluations at least once every two months next year – use CPD Now Planned Pathways to help you.

Next month, look out for our top ten tips for completing a submission if you receive that second letter from the HCPC.