The Benevolent Fund wants to hear from people who are having a tough time

Published: 30 August 2017 Ezine

SoR accredited workplace representatives have been asked to display a poster in departments encouraging members to apply for help from the Benevolent Fund.

“The Fund’s trustees know there are individuals who are part of the radiography workforce and retired members who should be applying for financial assistance,” commented Richard Evans, the Society’s chief executive officer.

“But they may think they’re not eligible, or they find it hard to accept support.

“The Benevolent Fund helps people who are finding life difficult because of illness, bereavement, an accident, unemployment, or a combination of circumstances,” Richard continued.

“We are asking reps and all Society members to encourage people who could use the Fund’s support to apply.”

The posters have been sent to reps this month, along with cards advising members how to contact the Fund.

If you know someone who could use the Benevolent Fund’s help, please encourage them to apply.