The do’s and don’ts of using social media

Published: 03 February 2016 Ezine

Howard Kennedy has published a comprehensive set of do’s and don’ts for SoR members using social media.

Social media is a fantastic resource for sharing ideas and promoting the profession of radiography, but if not used carefully it can lead you into trouble. 

Last year, for example, a radiographer was struck off the HCPC Register after sending explicit messages via Facebook. 

However, if you follow the do’s and don’ts below, and read through the SoR’s guidance document on using social media here, you can stay safe online and make the most of interacting with your peers. 

  • Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that what you do in your personal life will not impact on your work life. What you do in your personal life can in some circumstances legitimately justify disciplinary action or dismissal by your employer
  • Doensure your privacy settings are set so that only your friends and family can see your social media postings/photos (not the entire world)
  • Don’t, however, be fooled by privacy settings – assume that anything you post can be seen by anyone in the world, anywhere – even if your privacy settings are set to only share with friends and family that does not prevent them sharing your post (copying, pasting, emailing, tweeting it etc.)
  • Do consider using a pseudonym for public use of social media like Twitter and blogs or comments on any public pages
  • Don't use social media to rant or vent about your work day, your boss, your colleagues or patients
  • Do ensure you identify any public use of social media as expressing your own views (i.e. a disclaimer that your opinions are not your employer’s etc.), particularly if trying to get a Twitter following.

Click hereto read all the do’s and don’ts.