Therapeutic radiographers and students: Please complete urgent surveys to recruit next generation

Published: 16 July 2018 Ezine

The Office for Students (OfS) is funding the development of a student recruitment and awareness campaign for therapeutic radiography.

To ensure the campaign is a success, the OfS needs more infornation about what the campaign should say, as well as how and where.

"OfS need SoR members who are therapeutic radiographers and students who are currently on radiotherapy pre-registration courses to take a short survey to help make sure they get the messages right," Spencer Goodman, the Society's professional officer for therapeutic radiography, said.

"The initiative will drive better recognition for our profession and encourage more talented students to pick therapeutic radiography as a career choice," Spencer continued.

"There are two separate surveys, one to find out from practitioners how they came to the profession, and the second is for students, to find out about their experiences.

"Please take the time to fill in the appropriate survey - they only take a few minutes - and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Every response helps!"

Click for the survey for registered therapeutic radiography practitioners.

Click for the survey for therapeutic radiography students in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Click for the survey for therapeutic radiography students in England.

Note: The surveys are being carried out for a number of profession recruitment campaigns by the College of Podiatry.