Trans equality: guidance for the radiography workforce

Published: 31 October 2016 Ezine

Equalise, the equality and diversity network of the Society of Radiographers, has published new guidance to help better understand issues around trans equality.

The document contains;

  • an introduction to the issues around trans equality
  • information on the legal framework that is currently in place and
  • guidance on common workplace issues that are faced by trans members.

The document states: “It is important for trade unions and employers to have a clear focus on trans issues.

“Owing to the nature of trans discrimination in society as a whole, unless an organisation is explicitly transgender inclusive, many trans people considering transitioning may fear the reaction of their colleagues and managers.

“They will either never make the move to transition, which impacts on their mental health and productivity in the workplace, or they may choose to leave the organisation rather than ‘come out’ as trans.

“Making an organisation trans inclusive is, therefore, an active rather than a passive process.

“This guide should help SoR members take part in and lead the work necessary to make trans equality a reality in their workplaces.”

Download guidance