TUC launches LGBT workplace experience survey

Published: 30 March 2017 Ezine

The TUC has launched a major new survey into how lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people find working life in the UK.

The survey is in response to concerns from the TUC that LGBT people are still experiencing difficulties at work.

  • In 2013 Stonewall reported that 1 in 4 (26%) LGBT employees were not at all open with colleagues about their sexual orientation.
  • More than half (53%) of trans workers have also felt the need to hide their status from colleagues, according to Totaljobs.
  • And if you’re a lesbian or bisexual woman you may be at risk of sexual harassment as well as homophobic abuse. TUC research into sexual harassment found that more than half (52%) of women said they have experienced sexual harassment at work.

The TUC hopes to use the findings of the survey to:

  • Campaign on the issues most affecting LGBT people in the UK right now.
  • Produce training material for union reps to ensure they can best protect and represent their members.
  • Help employers create a more inclusive work environment – including training for staff, getting the correct policies in place to prevent discrimination, and supporting LGBT staff if things go wrong.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “We hope that this comprehensive research will let us shine a light on the range of issues faced by LGBT workers across the UK – many of whom may be experiencing bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace and have no one to turn to.”

The deadline for responses is 5 May 2017.

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