Two student radiographers nominated for #150Leaders awards

Published: 29 January 2019 Ezine

Sarah Bradder, therapeutic radiographer, Sheffield Hallam University and Steven Cox, diagnostic radiographer, University of Exeter were nominated for awards as part of the 2018 Student Leadership Programme.

Sarah was nominated for two accolades, Best Contribution to Social Media and Top #150Leaders Allied Health Professional, and Steven for Outstanding Commitment to Student Affairs.

Run by the Council of Deans of Health with the Burdett Trust for Nursing, the #150Leaders campaign develops and encourages healthcare students who have leadership potential.

Steven said, “To be nominated was an incredible honour, especially alongside so many outstanding students across all disciplines of health education.”

Sarah commented, “To hear that I was nominated by my SLP peers for not just one, but two awards was most humbling, especially when these peers are all people that I look up to.”

The Student Leadership Programme gives participants a better understanding of their strengths and how to build on them, increased confidence in their skills and self-awareness, and a chance to network and build relationships across the sector. 

Sarah said, “The confidence that the programme has given me is immeasurable and I will always credit it for starting me on the most amazing track for my future career.”

Steven noted, “The main thing I shall take away is that the path to leadership is really one that you cannot plan for, you can only help yourself by taking every opportunity you can and constantly push yourself beyond your comfort zone.”

Both Sarah and Steven had a very busy year. Sarah joined @WeAHPs on Twitter and organised a Student Takeover week, as well as attending the AHPs Into Action: Future Strategy event. Sarah was also nominated for the SCoR Therapeutic Radiography Student of the Year award and invited to speak at the Therapeutic Radiography Workforce Summit, the Council of Deans of Health Annual Conference, as well as the SCoR Annual Student Conference.

Steven presented the results of his and Robert Meertens research into peer support at the Achieving Excellence in Radiography Education and Research Conference and the recent CoRIPS seminar. He was nominated for the Diagnostic Radiography Student of the Year award and for Outstanding Commitment to Peer Support in the University of Exeter’s Academic Representation and Engagement Awards.

The Student Leadership Programme is being repeated this year and a further 150 students will attend a residential event, receive one-to-one coaching, and network online and face-to-face.