UK Council Statement on the EU Referendum Result

Published: 18 July 2016 Ezine

UK Council met on 6 July and considered its response to the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union in the referendum held on 23 June.

Whilst emphasising and restating the Society’s position adopted during the referendum of not advising members on which way to vote, UK Council welcomes the TUC statement issued on 5 July and endorsed the need for a new campaign plan that will have jobs, employment protection and support for public service at its heart.

UK Council will ensure the SoR plays its role in developing this plan through its involvement in the TUC.

UK Council also welcomed the immediate steps taken by the TUC to set out in its national action plan and the steps that need to be taken now by government in the run up to the exit from the EU to secure jobs, investment and employment rights.

UK Council also expresses its deep concern at the increase in racist and homophobic abuse and attacks following the referendum and supports fully the joint statement issued by the TUC and CBI condemning racism and calling for the position of EU migrants living in the UK to be fully protected.

To enhance this, UK Council is monitoring the incidents of abuse suffered by members and is proud that the SoR has been instrumental is ensuring a joint NHS Staff Council statement opposing racism in all of its forms.

UK Council also firmly states its position on behalf of all members that under no circumstances should the rights of EU nationals working in the UK, including those working in our profession, be under threat, or used as a bargaining tool in the forthcoming negotiations and calls on all politicians to unequivocally confirm this immediately by providing appropriate reassurance.

UK Council is proud of the record the SoR has in standing up to all forms of abuse and of the proactive stance members have taken on all equality issues. UK Council will ensure this record is enhanced by supporting any member who faces abuse or uncertainty at this challenging time.