“We have a duty of care to our patients to promote healthy behaviour”

Published: 17 February 2016 Ezine

“As theraptherapeutic radiographers, we have a duty of care to our patients to promote healthy behaviour, which obviously includes smoking cessation” was the opinion of Daniel Hutton, Change Manager/Therapeutic Radiographer, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust.

Daniel was speaking on the final day of the College of Radiographers Annual Radiotherapy Conference in Bristol, held last month, to explain his proffered paper around NICE guidance on smoking cessation.

During his research, Daniel found that from 60 radiotherapy service providers, less than 20% said their hospital site was completely smoke free, whilst nearly 80% said their site was smoke free ‘only in theory’.

Daniel concluded that: “We know that a diagnosis of cancer and starting treatment doesn’t stop our patients from smoking.

“Hospital signage in isolation has very little impact, and telling our patients it’s bad for them and financial arguments have very little effect as well.

“So we need to adopt a different approach; an evidence-based approach.”

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) is in the draft scope stage with a view to publishing new guidelines around smoking cessation next year. 

You can read more about the proposed new guidelines here

Daniel rounded off his talk with an important message for both diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers. 

“We are a key ally for these patients to give them the support to stop smoking, it’s not easy but with our help they can do it.”