What does the pay offer mean to you?

Published: 05 April 2018 Ezine

Below are tables showing the individual pay journeys for all current NHS staff over the next three years (2018/19 – 2020/21) if the government’s Framework Agreement is accepted by the members of the NHS trade unions.

Look up your current Band and Spine Point for the current pay year (2017/18) and read across to see what your salary will be each year, as well as by how much you will gain in terms of money and the percentage increase. 

This only covers basic pay. High cost area supplements will also increase in value.

For those at the top point of each pay band up to Band 8c, pay rates will be increased by 6.5% cumulatively over the three year period. The effective date for pay awards will continue to be 1 April. Members at the top of each band will also receive a 1.1% non-consolidated payment.

  • 3% in 2018/19
  • 1.7% in 2019/20 + a cash sum of 1.1%
  • 1.67% in 2020/21

You can also use the pay calculator on the combined health unions website.

Below are more details behind the pay offer, how the pay bands will change, and background about how we got to this point. This information has been sent to all SoR members as a supplement with the April 2018 issue of Synergy News. The supplement can be downloaded as a PDF here.