What is the impact of the College of Radiographers?

Published: 16 July 2018 Ezine

"Most members are clear about what the Society of Radiographers does, but perhaps the work carried out by the College is less clear," Sandie Mathers said at the launch of the CoR's first Impact Report.

Speaking at the UK Radiology and Oncology Congress, Sandie, the current chair of the College Board of Trustees and a former president of the Society, explained that as a registered charity, there is an expectation by the Charity Commission that the College will publish an impact report that gives a "comprehensive picture of the work, achievements and outcomes over a period of time."

As set out in the organisation's strategy document, the College's mission is to "promote imaging and therapy science and practice for the benefit of all."

Sandie explained, "We do this through developing standards for education and practice, promoting and conducting research, and listening to patients and service users in order to create change. In the impact report we need to report on the differnce we are making with our work."

A survey of Society members was carried out to find out their experiences of the College. As a result, case studies were written to illustrate how the College has supported and inspired radiographers and eight of these are included in the Impact Report.

The full report can be downloaded below, as well as a one-page summary.

CoR Impact Report 2015-17

CoR Impact Report 2015-17 one-page summary