Why does the SoR need a political fund?

Published: 03 February 2016 Ezine

All eligible members will have received a ballot paper asking them to agree to the Society establishing a political fund.

The Society of Radiographers has published five briefing documents and an explanatory leaflet to inform members about the ballot.

Society reps can find all the information they need about the political fund by reading the documents below.

The documents answer key questions about the political fund, including why members need to be balloted, how the money will be used and what the implications of the vote are, as well as explaining why a fund is important in continuing the work the Society does to protect the interests of its members.

Paul Moloney, the Society's industrial relations manager says, “Creating a political fund will ensure that the SoR can carry out its normal activities fully in accordance with the requirements of legislation and is a matter of good governance. 

“It will mean we can continue to make robust arguments on behalf of members without compromising what we say or how we say it.”

Briefing number 1

Briefing number 2

Briefing number 3

Briefing number 4

Briefing number 5

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