WHY Fronts - Bigger Pants

Published: 17 October 2016 Ezine

Author: Chris Woodgate, ISAS officer for the SCoR and RCR

Bridget Jones wears big pants, it isn’t a secret there has been a film and everything. WHY - because they are comfortable and hold everything in.

As managers you know how important it is to assure the trust board that your service is safe, efficient and effective so I guess your services may need ‘big pants’?

That is ‘something’ which will offer assurance and not just reassurance that you have everything under control and working for the patient and trust benefit.

Sounds like my cup of tea, but as a senior manager I often found that I was not as assured as I could be or wanted to be (control freak!) and as the demands of the role changed on an almost daily basis it was difficult to ensure everything was covered.

I know from my own experience the trees often get in the way of the wood, and the demands/challenges you can be faced with often seem impossible to meet and conflicting priorities difficult to juggle. 

So how about thinking of accreditation to the ISAS standards, which if used in the right way, will give you assurance to feed upwards to the QA Committee? 

The work is designed to be done by the staff on the ground, where we all know change is generated from. 

The standards cover all aspects of imaging and if the load is shared among your modalities, it is not as onerous as it may appear on paper.

It is hard work but once completed it will give you that comfort and hold your processes together, just like Bridget’s big pants.

Why not have a look, speak to managers who have completed the process, contact me and sell yourself as a forward thinking transformational manager who knows how to delegate? 

I will now retire to my bunker with tin hat to await your responses - ‘BIG PANTS’ forever!