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FoRRM is back bigger than before

24 July, 2019
The 2019 FoRRM cohort.

The second round of the Formal Radiography Research Mentoring (FoRRM) scheme, to improve research capacity for radiography in the UK, was launched at the SCoR.

The event welcomed 17 mentors experienced in radiography research and the same number of mentees selected for their commitment to a research career, 50% more than first round of FoRRM in 2017. 

The day included training on mentoring, delivered by Rachel Tobbell,  networking, interactive sessions using online tools, as well as a speed-networking session, to help match mentors and mentees.

The mentor-mentee pairs then agreed goals and planned their mentoring partnership.

A new FoRMM webpage with resources and updates is live and there will be a digital forum for mentors and mentees to exchange ideas and support each other.

The next FoRRM event will be hosted in November by the University of Liverpool, with activities to support the progress of the mentoring pairs. These will include more opportunities for networking, training, reflection, sharing best practice, and evaluation.

FoRRM is funded by the College of Radiographers and is led by Dr Christina Malamateniou of City University of London. The steering committee includes Dr Rachel Harris, SCoR; Professor Karen Knapp, University of Exeter; Dr Fiona Mellor, AECC and Poole NHS Trust; and Dr Rob Appleyard, Sheffield Hallam University.

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