England and Wales NHS Pay Award Consultation

Are you content to accept the 3% award or do you would want us to reject it and consider industrial action options with other unions?

Published: 13 August 2021 Government & NHS

Following a recommendation from the NHS Pay Review Body, the English and Welsh Governments have agreed to implement the Pay Review Body’s recommended 3% pay increase in full. Trusts and Health Boards will have to fund the award from existing budgets, having previously been advised to set aside 2% for the 2021-22 pay award. All pay points would increase by 3% from 1st April 2021. Any additional regular payments would only increase where they are directly linked to a % of basic pay, in which case they would rise in line with the 3% increase.

The English Government wished to pay only 1%. The SoR believe the ‘u-turn’ was strongly influenced by the successful, ongoing #WithNHSStaff campaign which many members actively supported.

The SoR had called for an increase of £2000 or 3%, whichever was higher. The PRB’s 3% recommendation recognised the arguments presented, although for most members the 3% falls short of £2000. It is not enough to redress the relative decline in public sector pay over the last decade. Nor does it go far enough in recognising the extraordinary efforts of members during the pandemic. Most, although not all members in Scotland received 4% increases on top of a Covid bonus. Moreover, inflation is rising and expected to continue rising during 2021. SoR believe that this award is not enough.

For these reasons, the SoR UK Council cannot recommend members accept this pay award. However, we also recognise members in England and Wales have already waited too long for an increase. We understand that only a period of sustained, sector wide industrial action would have any prospect of forcing the UK Government to increase the award – with no guarantee that this would work. We also believe this kind of action is very unlikely, given the dedication and commitment shown by members to patient care during the pandemic.

We are asking you to tell us if you are content to accept the award or if you would want us to reject with the potential of further delay whilst we consider industrial action options with other unions.

To let us know your opinion, please complete this short survey. Deadline for responses is Monday 13 September 2021, at 1pm. 

We also want your thoughts on future pay and reward priorities. We have therefore added a text box for any members who want to share your wider thoughts and ideas around future pay and reward priorities – as we build our argument for aNew Deal for Radiographers and Allied Health Professionals