New advice to promote flexible working

Following consultation between NHS employers and trade unions, new advice is now available to support flexible working.

Published: 17 December 2021 Government & NHS

The SoR have welcomed new advice published after consultation between NHS employers and trade unions to promote flexible working requests. Links to the advice can be found below.

Promoting flexible working and sustaining a sense of control over working hours and patterns is recognised as being a critical part of the NHS staff retention policy. This is much easier said than done. The scale of the challenge with turning the ambition into reality has never been more obvious than during the current pandemic. However, we are encouraged by the NHS management’s recognition that unless this issue is taken seriously and supported then people will continue to leave the profession that may otherwise remain in the workforce.

Clear, pragmatic advice for members looking to reduce or change their working patterns and for managers in how to support these requests when there are immediate staffing pressures is therefore vital and welcomed.

Any members with questions about the guidance and/or who have issues with flexible working requests are also encouraged to contact their local SoR Representatives.

Flexible Working FAQs

To support employers to embed the new contractual flexible working provisions, the NHS Staff Council has developed a range of FAQs which can be found here

There is also a partnership mailbox where you can send any queries, challenges or examples of best practice: [email protected]. Please note, queries will not receive a direct response, however your submission will help in the formation of new FAQs.