Next #caring4nhspeople wellbeing webinar is tomorrow

Held every Wednesday during the Covid-19 response

Published: 14 April 2020 Government & NHS

More than 800 NHS professionals joined the first NHS Horizons Wellbeing Response Webinar last week and took part in a discussion how to look after yourself, your staff, your colleagues, and your friends during the pandemic.

NHS Horizons Wellbeing Response Webinars are weekly virtual sessions 4-5pm each Wednesday, open to everyone with a role in supporting the wellbeing of NHS people and during and following the pandemic.

Alex Fisher, senior radiographer MRI, Mid-Yorkshire NHS Trust, said: “I thought this was a very good session which reinforced that we are all in the same boat and in the same position; there was a great sense of camaraderie throughout.

“The overall message I took away is that we all just need to support each other as much as possible and really listen to each other. Encourage staff to take breaks when they can and to talk about how they are feeling. The service is relying on staff, which it obviously always does, but more than ever staff need to show support and compassion.”

Lydia Johnson, senior radiographer and SoR health and safety rep at Leeds General Infirmary, also took part in the session: “It is good to see that everyone across the country feels the same about the unnerving situation that is unfolding around us, and provides a great opportunity to support one another.”

The webinar on 8 April included discussion about checking on colleagues, asking how they are but really meaning it and listening to the response. “Sometimes people just want to vent and active listening can help people feel better,” Alex said.

“One of the doctors who contributed commented that this situation was unexpected and things are not going to be perfect but to try and remember that people are doing their best.

"I thought this was a brilliant thing to say. I am not in clinical at present but imagine tensions will be high and people may take frustrations out on management or team leaders. We need to remember they are doing their best in an awful situation."

Alex was impressed with this resource detailing the methods of support for staff, which she has forwarded to staff in her trust.

The next #caring4nhspeople wellbeing webinar will be held tomorrow (Wednesday, 15 April) at 4pm. You can join and also watch last week’s session.

The SoR is building a library of useful resources to support members’ mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic.