NHS staff survey shows mixed picture

Improvement in some areas and lack of change in others

Published: 27 February 2020 Government & NHS

Almost four out of 10 NHS staff in England were satisfied with their level of pay, more than half work unpaid hours, and 48% believe their employer values their work.

The NHS Staff Survey for 2019 highlights the continuing pressures on staff in all areas of the service. Participants were asked questions about line managers, staff engagement, health and wellbeing, freedom to speak up, equalities and retention. 

There was no change in the overall score for health and wellbeing from the previous year, no improvement in scores for bullying and harassment, and no progress with staff engagement scores.

However, five of the 11 key themes saw improvements, which included immediate managers, morale, quality of appraisal, quality of care, and a safety culture.

Twenty-eight per cent of responders complained of work-related musculoskeletal problems (24.8% in 2015), and 40% complained of illness caused by stress at work (36.8% in 2016).

Staff who are thinking of leaving the NHS has decreased to 19.6% (21% in 2018).

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